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Cheating Death, Living Life - Linda's Story

Cheating death living life
Cheating Death, Living Life by local author Ralph Turner with Linda Huskisson tells the dramatic story of Linda.

From abuse to prostitution, alcohol to drugs, drugs running to prison, Linda has faced more in her life than most of us reading this with our lives joined together!  Linda’s story is hard, sobering and uplifting. In the middle of her darkest days, a light shone. Freed from prison, overcoming cancer and facing her tormentors, hers is a story of redemption.

Linda lives in Peterborough and works with Celebrate Recovery and Hope Into Action.


‘Linda’s exciting story is what transformation looks like. Read it and remember that God is still changing lives in the world today.’
(Joel Edwards, International Director, Micah Challenge (from the Foreword))

‘Be prepared, this story tells of some dark places in life. For some, this is the world they live in; isolated, lonely and painful. The book prompts us to care; it reminds us of a persistent loving Jesus.

You will learn of Linda; an overcomer, a modern day miracle finder, a responder to the heart, voice and call of God. Her story is one of a living Saviour, who cares, who has changed her life and who has replaced her many tears with laughter, hope and joy. I pray her story makes a difference to you; it has the power to do so.’  
(Steven Pettican, Co-Founder, Network Peterborough)

‘This page-turner will affect you profoundly, a real life story of tragedy then redemption. The depths of pain are matched only by the grace of a God who is able to stretch out His hand to heal and perform miracles in even the most abused and broken of hearts and bodies. This book will help everyone - for the privileged: compassion; for doubters: faith; for those of us working with the abused, oppressed and addicted: encouragement; and for those in the depths of darkness: hope.’
(Ed Walker, Founder and Director, Hope into Action)

‘This story grips the reader from beginning to end. You just have to keep reading to find out what happens next. A roller coaster of a life from pillar to post... until it finally comes to land and the reader can breathe out at last.

How can God persist with such a person? - A woman who is controlled by men, drugs and a lifestyle she’d never have chosen; she ended up with a storm whichever way she turned until God’s people met her, persisted in their contact with her and well…. readers will have to read it themselves and find the God who transforms lives! A “Nicky Cruz” style story but British and more recent!’
(Dr Anne E. Dyer,  Lecturer,  Mattersey Hall Christian College)

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