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Peterborough Street Pastors are seeking more volunteers

Street Pastors CartoonStreet Pastors is a national initiative owned by Ascension Trust with 280 schemes throughout the country involving over 12,000 trained Street Pastors. 

Peterborough Street Pastors operates under licence to Ascension Trust and has been operating since December 2008 from St Mary’s Church, New Road, Peterborough.

In a typical year, Peterborough Street Pastors speak to or help over 1,300 people whilst on patrol. This includes helping people to safety and referrals to other agencies.

In 2014 they patrolled for 533 hours and gave out:

  • 148 pairs of flip flops;
  • 133 bottles of water;
  • 344 lollipops;
  • 33 space blankets.

They also picked up 685 bottles or glasses from the streets. 

Peterborough Street Pastors Scheme is run by a Management Committee with an adopted constitution.  The scheme is inter-denominational and welcomes members from all of the Christian churches.  Their constitution requires that they have representatives from three different congregations in the city which must come from at least two denominations.

A Typical Evening Shift

Saturday night out with Street Pastors in Peterborough sees volunteers from local churches going out into the vibrant Peterborough night time economy.  They chat to those they meet – customers, taxi drivers, door staff, licensees and police officers

The teams of four people work from 10pm to 4am.  Their aim is to provide practical help and support for those enjoying a night on the town.  They offer water to help with rehydration, flip flops to protect the feet (for when the high heels have become too painful) and basic first aid.  They also pick up glass and bottles left lying around to avoid them being turned into weapons.

In addition, Street Pastors offer a reassuring presence, helping reunite friends that have been separated, waiting with a single female until her friends have been found – putting her in a taxi home if necessary or convincing a single male that sleeping it off in a doorway isn’t a good idea!

It is not just about the practical help, but also to engage, care and listen to all they meet, including door men, taxi drivers and clubbers.  People often become very emotional when they are drunk and the Street Pastors provide that caring listening ear.  Many are very happy to receive prayer about their problems.

How To Become A Street Pastor

To join the Street Pastor scheme you need to:
  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Have been a church member for 12 months;
  • Undertake an enhanced DBS check;
  • Be able to participate in our training programme;
  • Be free to serve at least one Saturday per month from 10pm to 4am.

Their recruitment process includes:
  • Observation with Street Pastors;
  • Application Form;
  • Informal meeting with Chair, Co-ordinator and Senior Street Pastor;
  • Two references – one from your minister;
  • Assessed patrols during probation period.

Street Pastors will be accepted onto the scheme subject to successful completion of the training programme and a probationary period.

For more information please Email Christine Graham: or call 07532 112879


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