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Gerald Coates - Pioneer, New Book by local author Ralph Turner 

In the week that the hardback version sells out and the paperback version is launched, we talk to Ralph Turner, author of Gerald Coates – Pioneer.
AP:  Ralph, you have some strong connections with Peterborough. Do explain!

Ralph: Yes, we moved to Peterborough as a family in 1992 and only moved away a year and a half ago, to help KingsGate church set up a new congregation in Leicester.

AP: And you’ve been a writer for a while now?

R: My first book was published in the early 90s. But I’m not that prolific. The new book, ‘Gerald Coates – Pioneer’ is only my fourth book.

AP: It’s done well?

R: Very well. I’m so pleased! Gerald is a pioneer of the house church movement in the UK and his story deserves to be told.

AP: What can we expect if we read it?

R: An amazing story of God’s goodness. The story of the modern day church in the UK. We may not realise it, but all our churches will have been influenced by Gerald and those early house church pioneers.

AP: There’s some pretty amazing stories in there regarding Gerald’s influence on some prominent people too.

R: Yes there is. His influence on the Romanian royal family is incredible. Plus his friendship with Cliff Richard of course, and people like Boy George and Alvin Stardust. Gerald’s met some amazing people.

AP: He’s still going strong?

R: Yes. Now in his seventies, he’s still leading churches- and was for a long time, the leader of Pioneer Network, one of the better known and most successful of the new church streams. He has a passion for the next generation and has a particular concern for the fight against pornography, which he sees as one of the main challenges for young men- Christian and otherwise - growing up today.

AP: And that’s all in the book?

R:  There’s a whole chapter called ‘Sex’! Gerald is not someone who skirts around these issues!

AP: If we were to ask you why someone should read the book, what would you say?

R: I’d say we need to know our heritage as Christian’s and the story here sets out that. We will learn and we will appreciate too, what God can do with someone given to His purposes.

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