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Christian Author Shares Faith-building Principles in Latest Book  

“Let me introduce you to Mascot the cat…” and with this Agnes Amos-Coleman invites the readers of her second book on a faith-led journey on compassion and dependency on God’s provision.

Agnes draws a vivid picture of how her family’s relationship with their pet can be compared to our relationship with God, drawing often insightful lessons on our relationship with God. 

In the deeply personal and often entertaining passages, the reader can discover faith-building principles for receiving supernatural provisions from God, and steps to sustaining those provisions.

“It was nearly two years ago during a challenging season in my life that this stray black-and-white cat crossed the fence from our neighbor’s yard into our backyard and never left. It found a home with us. When my husband saw that it was old and hungry looking, he decided to have compassion on the cat and give it a home. Before I knew what was going on the cat had a name—Mascot. Because of my husband’s provisions to this old, ragged cat, Mascot’s every need is met and his life has been totally changed,” shared Amos-Coleman. 

“Over the past year and a half, I’ve closely studied the life of Mascot and my husband’s interactions with him. The Holy Spirit ministered to me that the relationship between Mascot and my husband can be compared to our relationship with God,” she continued. 

Written to the glory of God and dedicated to Mission work, 90% of the royalties received from this book will be donated to help Missionaries struggling financially and those who want to go on mission trips and cannot afford it.

The Provisions of God: Insights from a Cat Named Mascot is available for purchase on Amazon.  For more information on the author and her work, please visit her website  

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