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Fairtrade Peterborough needs faith groups to pledge their support! 

Fairtrade Peterborough
The Fairtrade Peterborough steering group has been working hard towards getting Fairtrade City Status for Peterborough and they are nearly there!

There are a good number of retail outlets and eating places, schools and colleges who support Fairtrade, promoting and using their products. 

However the one area they are struggling with is places of worship! 

Does your place of worship use Fairtrade products, but haven't told Fairtrade Peterborough, or are there many Peterborough churches that do not use Fairtrade goods?   Most worshipping communities are very keen to support  - all that is needed is for Fairtrade to be promoted to worshippers and Fairtrade products used when serving refreshments at the church's own regular meetings and services. 

If your place of worship uses Fairtrade products then please do make sure that Fairtrade Peterborough are aware as your support could mean the difference to getting the status or not.   

If you are not sure then please just drop an email to to add your name to the list.  Thank you.


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