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Safer off the Streets Partnership for Peterborough

Safer off the streets
The moment when 17 organisations across the city from voluntary, faith, community and public service agencies came together on #WorldHomelessDay to sign a charter announcing their Safer off the Streets partnership. #sospboro

The partnership means there is now a network of support to help people who are sleeping rough. They will also work together to look at ways to prevent and support people so they don’t end up on the streets in the first place.

It was felt that although the people of Peterborough are already empowered to help, they are unsure about the best way to do this. It has now been made easier to donate money online, at cash donation points and a contactless card donation window in St Peters Arcade outside the Argo Lounge . The website and social media will also keep people up to date on support available and to find out what items are in need.

Donations received will primarily go towards funding the day to day running costs of Light Project Peterborough's new Garden House hub which will provide advice on support services and health and wellbeing with any additional funds being used for personalised budgets for rough sleepers to encourage them to leave the streets for good. 

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