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‘Uprooted’ Christian Aid exhibition in Peterborough 

This exhibition , currently touring the UK , highlights the needs of the 40 million people who find themselves ‘uprooted’.

When:    10th November - 22nd November (excluding 16th & 19th)
Where:   St Peter's Church, Yaxley
Time:      10.30am - 12.30pm

Please note that these times include Sunday services and some weekday activities although the exhibition can still be viewed

These ‘displaced persons’ have been forced to leave their homes because of conflict, flooding, drought, or fear. They are surviving somehow within their own national borders, and so are denied the official protection given to refugees.

They are largely overlooked by their own governments and unsupported by international agencies.

Christian Aid is working through local partner organisations to try to ensure that they have essential supplies and the care they need to give them some hope for their future.

This is a great opportunity to deepen our understanding of and our compassion for many the world’s neediest people, and to inform the way we pray for them. 

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