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City Centre Christmas Alive event - 8th December 

christmas alive2018
Christmas is nearly here and the Churches Together in Central Peterborough Christmas Alive event is back for the 3rd year running! 

When:       Saturday 8th December
Where:     Cathedral Square
Time:        11am - 1pm

Volunteers will be needed on the day to help ensure that the Gospel message is shared with the many people who will be doing their Christmas shopping.  This will be done by giving away balloons and chocolates, flyers and tracts.   

Please also hold the event in your prayers - some prayer pointers are shown below:

  • Pray for slightly warmer weather than last year as it was freezing!  The temperature does play a part in how many people are in the square and how many  people are willing to hang around listening to what's being said and joining in with activities.
  • Pray that the flyers handed out will prompt people to attend a Christmas service at one of our Churches. 
  • Pray that something that is said or sung will speak to the listeners. We want people to know the real meaning of Christmas and we want people to come into a relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray that people from our churches will be free on this morning to come down and join in. This is an opportunity for us and an opportunity for the Public to see and meet the Church.   Cathedral Square sees so many events and celebrations, and this is our chance to show that the church is alive and well. 

Please download your poster here and display it where you can!

For more information or to get involved please email Jonathan Greenwood

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