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26th January 2019: Winter Glory Women's Conferences  

Winter Glory Conference 2019

The Winter Glory Women’s Conference has grown out of the annual women’s day at the church of Christ the King in Kettering ( After three years in the church we felt the Lord was telling us to “give it away” to the wider church. We had always had women from other churches attending, but this was to be for everyone. 

Winter Glory Venues

History of Winter Glory

Right from their first event in church they have always started with a team day of prayer, in which they have sought God’s plans for the day and then all the shaping of the conference has sprung from that time.

Their aim has been to glorify the Lord and to encourage his daughters in every way that they could – making them feel welcomed, loved and valued. Thoughtfully decorated spaces, free magazines and bible notes, little gifts and a whole team of “smiley ladies”, along with the opportunity to take time out to listen to God and worship him – they aim to pour out love over their guests, as a reflection of God’s love.

The Lord has provided amazingly to enable us to run the conference, and each time the women attending have given generously to the offering too, so we have been able to donate over £10,000 to charities.

The theme (“One Love”) will be the same in each venue; both main speakers are members of the New Wine National Leadership Team and will be speaking on the same topic.

Whichever venue you chose on Saturday 26th January 2019 it will be a great day and you will be greatly blessed and encouraged if you come along!

Don’t forget: bring your lunch, Bible, notebook and money for refreshments and shopping.

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