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£46,214 raised for Hope Into Action! 

Hope Into Action
Last week we wondered how we would reach our BIG GIVE challenge target of £11,000 - but you helped us smash it!  We are blown away.  

With gift aid too and match-funding, £46,214 will now be available for us to sustain our specialist support to vulnerable women and survivors of modern slavery.   

We are going to make sure all this money goes to the front line – not core costs. 

Your support really will make a difference to more women like Lucy.?  Lucy went from a home to sleeping rough in a car park in 24 hours.? She has been with us for a few months now.? Like many women whom we support, it took some time to adjust to life in her new home after the trauma of homelessness.? Warmly supported and encouraged by her partner church she has begun to volunteer herself helping the homeless in her city.? Each donation makes more work like this achievable.  We could not do this work without you.??? 

Last week I met another of our female tenants from Cambridge who shared, very vividly, the difference her home and church had made to her. She shared this to a room which included a Bishop and former Bishop.  Given a platform, she has kick-started some important conversations which we pray will turn into action: she has voiced what we absolutely believe in: the holistic and relational nature of our work.? 

This week we are opening one more female home in Cambridge and next week one more in Norwich.  I was in Norwich on Monday and came back excited to hear so many good stories of what is going on there.  These new donations will underpin our work with women and victims of modern slavery in these cities, making our work more sustainable. 

So – this year has seen us grow from 51 homes to 64, to over 57 church partners, from 125 tenants per night to 167. We are privileged to carry:

  • great amazement at your generosity supporting and following our story  
  • deep joys and hope from our churches and tenants  
  • the griefs and pains which also come with this work.  

Thank you for journeying with us as we journey with our churches and tenants. 


Ed and everyone at Hope into Action, 10/12/2018

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