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Christmas kindness at Peterborough Prison 

Prison thankyou Card
To say we were overwhelmed by kindness is a bit of an understatement: we received a veritable deluge of chocolate, in fact over 550 tubs and packs of sweets and your combined generosity meant that everybody received a diary, a calendar, a Christmas card AND an assortment of more than 30 sweets.

We know that these packages are eagerly anticipated by many residents, as some people started to ask if there was going to be one this year right from the beginning of December. So, a very big thank you to everybody in your church or community group who contributed to this magnificent effort.
This scheme at Peterborough started over ten years ago when a couple of churches asked if there was anything they could do to make the lives of those living and working in the prison over Christmas a little more enjoyable. Those churches sent in some tubs of sweets that meant people could just about have one sweet each.

Over the years things have grown to become the fantastic response we now have with the diary, calendar and card along with the sweets, and it’s been my privilege to be part of the scheme, working out how many sweets need to go into each package and managing the ‘little elves’ who pack and label the envelopes that go to each resident individually.
However, I shall be retiring from the chaplaincy team early in 2019 (although I am hoping to keep some of my links with the prison going) and so next Christmas the task will fall to someone new. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and encouragement: I am confident that, whoever follows me in what has to be one of the more enjoyable chaplaincy roles, will receive as much support as I have, because there are so many of you who think about the needs of those less fortunate than yourselves and respond in a very practical way.
With every blessing for 2019
Michael Page
Chaplain - Justice Services

Michael Page - Chaplain, Justice Services, 31/12/2018

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