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Thank you from the Director, HMP Peterborough 

Tins of Sweets
To all churches and individuals involved in preparing gift packs for residents at HMP Peterborough
I’d like to extend my own thanks to you all for this kind, generous and thoughtful act towards all the residents.
As you will know the Christmas and New Year period can be a very difficult one for many of our residents, as they feel the isolation of being apart from family and friends. It can also be difficult for staff as the support they routinely provide to residents in distress is needed that much more keenly. So, a gift for the residents not only makes them feel that someone cares but also assists the staff in their most important function: helping to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.
On a personal level, I am touched and humbled by the very practical and generous way you have tried to spread the Christmas message of kindness towards our fellow men and women.
Many thanks and best wishes
Director - Justice Services

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