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HAVEN 2019: A Call for Resource Ideas 

At HAVEN, their prayer for 2019 is that the Father holds our hands every day, in every way.

It's been an interesting few months as the team has been pondering and meditating on the production and conferencing for HAVEN 2019.

This is almost complete but just before we conclude it, we would like to make a call to you Churches Together (Northampton & Peterborough)….as you are a member of the community we serve!

What are your personal needs, needs in your church or ministry?

Are there any workshops you would like us to have this year?

Do you have any suggestions for plenary sessions, resource persons, facilitators that you feel would be a blessing to your church and the HAVEN community.

Please chat to us on the WhatsApp group or send an email to


To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: