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Cambridgeshire Police and local churches join forces 

Cinnamon Network
Cinnamon Network have entered an innovative partnership with Cambridgeshire Police, in which five local churches will be resourced to start projects that will support vulnerable people and address some of the key issues affecting the community.

It’s no secret that police forces are under incredible pressure. The majority of calls they respond to are not crime related and, with continued budget cuts, the strain on local forces is immense. This new partnership aims not only to ease that strain on police services, but also to provide a more sustainable and effective way to support those in need.

Through the partnership, churches will be able to apply for a £2,000 Micro-Grant to establish social action projects from a list of tried and tested, best practice Cinnamon Recognised Projects that can easily be replicated.  Cinnamon will offer training and expert support to each project throughout the partnership, to maximise impact and ensure sustainability.

Cinnamon Network has been working in strategic partnerships with police forces and churches across the country since 2014, to support community transformation and reduce demand on local policing, through the delivery of church-based social action projects.

With an established reputation in the community, access to resources and a ready-made network of volunteers, churches are well placed to serve their community. According to research carried out by the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in 2016, faith groups contribute at least £3 billion worth of social and welfare support to the UK every year, helping 48 million in the process.

Mike Royal, Co-CEO of Cinnamon Network, said: “We are living in a time of great social need and many families and individuals require help and support to avoid crisis and poverty.  This partnership seeks to build on the immense contribution that faith groups make to civic society.  By providing churches with a combination of expert advice and practical support to start projects, we hope to make a lasting difference in the lives of the most marginalised and vulnerable.
The prospect of churches, the police and other community stakeholders working together is tremendously exciting, and I look forward to seeing the impact this partnership will have in Cambridgeshire.”

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