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Hope Into Action - Exciting Easter Update 

Easter marks a time of new life, fresh hope.   

It also marks the end of our financial year and a point where we pause, look back and thank everyone who has helped us and our partners progress.   

In the last 2 years you have enabled us to move forward from supporting:   

  • 94 tenants to 177 every night: An 86% increase.   
  • 38 homes to 68: A 79% increase.  
  • 35 churches to 62: A 77% increase  
  • From 11 towns and cities to 20.   

In these 2 years we have welcomed more than 100 new investors and even more new givers, some with very large sums of money, some with less, but every penny and every prayer has enabled more people to be housed and supported by the church.  

Our recent conference was a real confidence boost as we saw how far we have all come but it is the churches and tenants who inspire us most … 

Lewis, a young man who was homeless and suicidal and was moved to tears by the love and care taken by the church in the furnishing of his new Norwich home and counts the church amongst his best friends 

Trevor - a retired vicar telling me how the Hope into Action project has helped change his church 

Luke – our first ever tenant back in 2010 – who took cycled from Peterborough to Lincoln for us and raised a fantastic £1000!  

Kath, who we first met in prison and with the support of her church mentors, has stayed out of custody, is free from drug misuse and is caring for her children 

Chris and David who now both hold downs jobs and have moved on positively from their Hope into Action homes    

Lawrence who decided to invest £300,000 to help house people who had been trafficked into this country 

Our partner church in Stamford, St George’s, who feature in the Archbishop’s launch of the Commission on Housing, Church and Community 

We could tell story after story of people sharing their wealth with the poor and lives being touched by churches around this country – but mainly we want to say thanks for being here with us.  

It feels as though God and his church are on the rise and bringing life.  Do keep praying for more. 

Happy Easter! 

From all of us at Hope into Action 

Ed Walker, 27/04/2019

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