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Real People Honest Talk 



Real People Honest Talk aims to bring the people of Peterborough - and that means especially you! - together in a safe space for honest talk about difference and how we live together well. It provides a base for communities to mobilise and tackle community needs irrespective of differences of belief and culture.

There are four Key Objectives:

  1. Bring people together in communities by providing opportunities for positive, interaction between people who live near one another and have different cultures, attitudes or beliefs.

  2. Facilitate open and honest conversation about issues of concern to ‘everyday’ people in local communities that could otherwise be difficult to talk about.

  3. Create safe spaces in which difficult issues can be discussed openly in local communities.

  4. Provide a springboard for further conversations, interactions or collaborative action, strengthening local civil society. We believe local people can make a difference.

You are invited to join one of the four groups of conversations in the city. Each group will have three sessions facilitated by a local community champion. Obviously, I’m keen that you come along to the group I will be facilitating at St Mark’s Church Hall on 24th June. 

The event is FREE, but booking is essential for catering purposes by emailing or calling Femi (Near Neighbours Co-ordinator) on 07715091249.

Revd Adrian Holdstock
Vicar, St Mark’s
Chair Community First (Peterborough)
Assistant DDO
Diocesan Interfaith Advisor
Parish Development Officer
82, Lincoln Road,
Peterborough, PE1 2SN

fiona Elliott (Guest) 18/06/2019 22:58
so sorry I will be on holiday. Ihope there will be another one, and I hope it goes well.
Great idea Adrian

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