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Yoke Breaking! 70th House Opened!!



Hi there,
We recently reached a milestone of opening our 70th home and our 65th church partner. 

While this growth is amazing it is only worth doing if our work is of high quality.

So every day we try our utmost to achieve brilliance. Last year we housed 250 tenants. Our desire is for each of them to have a great home and fantastic relationships to help them take control of their lives in a genuinely holistic way. Or, to quote a bloke called Isaiah, to break ‘every yoke’ that holds them back.

This, therefore, could include everything from tenancy skills, to managing drug misuse, to gaining employment, to building relationships. The stats are below for your information. 

Sometimes people ask me, “Do people have to be Christian to live in one of our houses?”  

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. We house people based on need, never creed. 

However, this year we were interested in our tenants' spiritual health
. 50% of our tenants engaged in some form of spiritual activity over the past year, 30% explored the Christian faith in some way, 18% regularly engaged with a worshipping Christian community and 15 were baptised/confirmed or made some form of faith commitment. 

All this underlines our belief that people, despite modernity and secularism, are inherently spiritual and do reach out to an invisible God. For myself, I’ve found that search answered in a relationship with man called Jesus. This has given me so much strength and guidance that, of course, I would want others to benefit from it.  And of course, I rejoice when others claim to have done so.

However  - we are crystal clear – that a) we will never force or coerce our faith on others and b) we love and treat everyone equally be they Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic or Paganistic (and we’ve welcomed all of those into our homes in the belief they are equal and equally loved to us).

Whatever your belief system, I hope you can see that your support enables churches to reach and bring healing to some of the people that need it most. And we rejoice whenever we hear of the church doing that…. with brilliance!

Thanks for your support – we recognise so many are behind us: investing, giving, praying, partnering, volunteering!  We could not do it without you.  May God Bless you all. 


PS Behind the stats below are countless amazing stories of our tenants. We acknowledge the tremendous strength it requires for our tenants to take on some of the changes involved and face down the challenges of addiction, depression, trauma, prostitution etc. They are the real heros of the stats, not us. Look out for our annual review coming at the end of the summer holidays when some of our tenants share their stories. If you would like to receive it then do let us have your postal address.

PPS: I was interested in our stat on ‘abstaining from crime’. We housed 28 ex-offenders. Of those, sadly, 4 returned to prison, BUT we rehoused 3 of them and the final one is being visited regularly by the church!

Ed Walker, 23/07/2019

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