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Fostering/Adopting Support Group Proposal 

 We’re setting up a group to support families who foster and adopt . As it is something that affects people across the city/county/Dioceses we’re looking to get whole community involvement and would like to spread the word as far as possible 
Our initial meeting to discuss ideas is on Monday 2nd September, 7.30pm in the Upper Room of St. Peter’s Church, Yaxley.

I am pleased to say we are already working with Home For Good and they will also be at the meeting

Here’s an article I’ve written for our local magazine which says a bit about the initiative:
Yaxley Gazette – August 2019
You may have seen in our social media recently the statistics around children in care in the UK. This year 40,000 children will be taken into care, that’s twice the amount that can be seated into the 02 arena! In Cambridgeshire there are currently over 700 children awaiting loving homes.
Due to the circumstances around the need for adoption and fostering, many adoptive & foster parents face major challenges with children who have multiple difficulties, such as special educational needs, attachment disorders and insecurities. Therefore, parents can become physically and mentally exhausted; which is why a group of people from St. Peter’s Church are getting together to discuss ways in which we, as a community, can support these families who are doing something amazing. We will be guided by the charity, Home for Good, who’s core aim is to find a home for every child who needs one, but we also need help from the community.
We are holding an initial meeting in September at SPC, to discuss ideas of what the support will look like and our hope and prayer is that this will also be guided by others in our community who want to be involved. If you are an adoptive or foster parent, please do come along and talk with us about how we can help support you. If, like many of us involved in this initiative, you’re not an adoptive or foster parent but it is on your heart – come along and chat, share ideas or just listen. Everyone has gifts to offer and we would like to use these gifts to provide the best support that we can for families in our community who are working hard to provide for children who otherwise would not have a loving family.
We look forward to meeting you in September! If in the meantime you’d like to hear from the charity who will be assisting us, you can listen to their talk from their visit in June, on our website:
God Bless,

Here’s a link to the event on our Website and the Facebook event

Laura Ashley
Parish Communications Officer
PCC Secretary

t: 07939 449255
a: St. Peter's Church, 43 Church Street, Yaxley, PE7 3LH


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