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 Summer Breather or Action Packed Holiday Season?


Here at the Gen2 team we hope you're having a great summer, whether you're relaxing by a beach or in the middle of an active summer of Children's or Youth Ministry. We'll keep this mailing short but we'll be back with lots more in September!

In the meantime, we'd love to hear your stories of summer activities with children or young people, so please share with us what you've been up to so that we can encourage each other.

New academic year. New opportunities. New faces.

At the start of the term, we're working in partnership with our Children's and Youth Champions, plus other local charities and organisations to host several Children and Youth Ministry 'gatherings' all over our Diocese. For more info contact Chad (North/East) or Becky(South/West).

Come and join us! A great opportunity to...

  • Press reset and get ready for the academic year
  • Meet and welcome those that are new
  • Share stories of what God is doing in our churches and communities
  • Connect and pray together
Sign up for the CMC Taster Session on 10th September here
Sign up for the all new YMT here
Contact us for last minute details of Peterborough Diocese's involvement with summer festivals and camps – don't miss out!
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